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How to disable autoplay video on Facebook and Twitter

Social networking applications are already part of our daily lives, a must for sure. More and more functions are being incorporated, although this is not always positive. Sometimes we see how applications are more overloaded than we would like, which affects performance and internal storage of our terminal.

Another of the victims of these applications is our consumption of data, which can be triggered if we have activated features like playing videos automatically. Sometimes users are not entirely clear how to disable this feature, so here we have to teach you step by step way to disable autoplay video on Facebook and Twitter.

How to disable automatic playback step by step

Turning off automatic video playback is a very simple process, and you will save a lot of data in your rateIn most cases, if we see a video we will press on it, which is totally unnecessary that this is reproduced without our consent.

We leave you with the necessary steps to disable this annoying feature:

On twitter

  • Go to section menu is an icon with three dots on the top right corner
  • Click Settings
  • Once inside, go to the section data
  • Within this section click Autoplay video
  • A selected this option, click once does not automatically play videos in chronologies

On Facebook

  • You go to the section menu is an icon with three horizontal stripes you’ll find in the upper right corner
  • Search section application settings
  • A selected this option, click once autoplay
  • Give never automatically play videos

Ready! Isn’t it simple? In less than a minute you can disable this annoying option and stop worrying about data consuming by the autoplay videos. We would like you to comment us what you think of this option, if you like or if you also want to disable.

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