Vivo Xplay

It’s here, the first smartphone with 6 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 820

Among the relentless tide of new phones presented at MWC Barcelona arise from time to time, certain terminals greatly get our attention. And the simple fact of the factor is that they are just wow! Wow factor, as you like to call it, is allowing less reputable companies stick its head out the murky surface involving with giants of this world .

In this case, we are dealing with a striking device, not by design, innovation and functionality, but because it is the first to incorporate 6GB of RAM. Yes, you have not misread as the outstanding Xplay 5 is the first smartphone in the world to bring the unusual amount which is 6 GB of random access memory (RAM).

Live breaking records again

Vivo is a little known brand in Europe, although China is making a name gradually. And it is not the first time that this company makes the headlines of technological means. In 2014, Vivo had the terminal, at that time, the world’s thinnest with only 4.75 millimeters thick.

Xplay 5

However, now the company from China stands out from the competition with Vivo Xplay 5. This terminal offers features authentic top model, which is that inside we find the familiar Snapdragon 820 accompanied by – yes, you guessed – 6 GB of RAM. As for other specifications, the company has chosen not to provide details.

The unique feature confirmed part of the huge amount of memory and processor panel resolution: QHD. It is likely that the price, availability and other specifications come to light on March 1, the date on which Vivo plans to completely unraveling the Xplay 5. In terms of design, the firm has also preferred to keep secret.

Is it really necessary to have 6 GB of RAM?

Nevertheless, an important issue prevails over the others, and is: Why you need an amount of memory so ridiculously huge on a device that take in your pocket ? Only in the future we will know how to respond to this question, good, and perhaps occasional live representative .

Do you think you need such an enormous amount of RAM in a smartphone?

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