Sony STAMINA mode

Sony STAMINA mode will remove Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Lately, the Sony terminals have been suffering from the delay of updates. Today, only the Sony Xperia Z5 have available the update Marshmallow. But other terminals are still waiting for the updates.

Historically, Sony has incorporated in its Xperia family famous STAMINA mode, one of the most useful features in Android to save battery. However, today we have news that with the arrival of Android 6.0, the STAMINA will disappear to make way for Doze. Is this really necessary? We’ll tell you in detail.

The end of STAMINA mode

For those who do not know how STAMINA works, you should know that is a way that focuses on consumption at rest the terminal. It can be configured in various ways, but the default works as follows: the device is not constantly noticed, but it just makes it unlock the screen. This achieves the terminal is not constantly wake up and improve the respites.

Sony STAMINA mode

As you know, Doze does something very similar. As it optimizes applications so that when the terminal is idle, they spend as little as possible. However, with Doze do have reports of all applications, so we can think that maybe Doze and STAMINA are not entirely incompatible. Yet according to schedule updates and reports Sony early adopters , STAMINA has to disappear.

It is obviously easier to remove the so try it compatible with Doze, although we would have liked to see even a bid to make them compatible. In recent Sony, the battery has lowered performance against the Z3 generation, so we hope Doze really do a good job of optimization.


For one thing saddens us as this famous function disappears because it takes many years of us. However, it is time to let Doze step is made and responsible for managing our battery, so we can understand that it is necessary to do without some things for proper operation.

And you. What do you think of the death of STAMINA mode?

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