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Sprightly and Kaizala, new applications of Microsoft-oriented world of work

Kaizala and Sprightly are two new applications made ​​by Microsoft Garage, a project carried out Microsoft and is responsible for creating applications for the Android operating system -the direct to its own operating system, Windows- competition.

Sprightly and Kaizala : two applications oriented to employment

Two of the latest applications submitted are Kaizala and Sprightly two geared more to the business world rather than the general public applications, as are the rest.



Sprightly is aimed at creating cards, brochures and application flyers , and more . The idea is that you can choose a template, fill it and send all this quickly and efficiently. The available templates that have today are not much but we assume that over time will improve. Another downside is that only can be shared by WhatsApp and Facebook, another thing that should be solved with the passage of time.

Play Store | Download Sprightly (free)



Kaizala is an application that serves to inform employees of the same company or project. It is something like a cross between an instant messaging application and an application to organize projects simultaneously. You can add appointments, “surveys” for the availability of project members and even assign tasks, in addition, obviously, to be able to send messages .

For Kaizala unfortunately we can not download it yet, so we leave a link to APK Mirror so you can download the APK directly. Once you downloaded from there you can normally update from the Play Store when you leave an update.

Play Store | Download Kaizala – Chat | Act | Do (free)

APK Mirror | Download Kaizala – Chat | Act | Do 1.0.66 (free)

As we see there are two very interesting applications but at least in the case of Sprightly, much remains to be done to be implemented in the workplace.

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