The most useful applications for Android Wear

Almost two years ago was Google introduced their operating system aimed at wearables, Android Wear, and since then, this system has matured over time, thus gaining market share in the world of wearable devices.

But as always, an operating system, no matter how mature it is, it has nothing to do if you do not have applications that make life easier for the user life, so, as many people think smarwatches are useless today, in this article, we introduce things which are, for us, some of the apps and more useful tools for Android Wear and with which you can get the most out of your device.

Calculator for Android Wear

Calculator for Android Wear

Chances are you’ve ever needed to perform a simple operation and did not have a calculator, or your smartphone at hand, thanks to this application, you will have a fairly advanced calculator right on your wrist.

Among the features of this application is the ability to enter the digits using the voice directly, allowing you to perform operations much faster than if you had to type them manually.

So you know, if you want to use your Casio watch in pure style, you can download this application for free from the Google Play Store.

Google Play | Calculator for Android Wear (Free)

Calendar for Android Wear

Calender for Android Wear

While on devices with Android Wear can access the “Agenda” application, it simply allows you to view tasks for a certain day, therefore, the same developers of the previous application, we introduce Calendar for Android Wear, an application fairly complete schedule and with a very careful interface design follows the lines Material design.

This application is completely free and will allow you to see an easy way events for each day of the month, as it is synchronized with your Google Calendar. By optimizing for Android Wear, you can start this app with voice command: Ok Google open the calendar.

Google Play | Calendar for Android Wear (Free)


Okay, I know what you’re thinking, and you are right, probably a browser on a screen less than 2 inches is not as comfortable or as practical, but it is likely that this application will get you out of trouble on more than one situation.

This browser will allow you to access the Internet from your device with Android Wear, among its features are the ability to access web pages with voice and save your most visited pages to avoid having to constantly look for it. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

Google Play | BrowsWear (Free)



Instaweather is an application that lets you see the time from the home screen of the device and incorporates interactive watch over 9 faces and is able to synchronize with Google Fit, besides letting you know the weather in a very advanced way.

The application leaves us 30 days to try it for free, after this time, we must decide if we’ll take it for a price of 6.99 euros a year.

Google Play | InstaWeather (Free – Payments within the application)

Mail for Android Wear

Mail for Android Wear

Surely you use the mail several times a day, and although the Gmail application for Android Wear has been improving over time, still missing features to add, so we want to introduce this application to help you not miss any E-mail that reaches your device. From the app itself you will see, answer or delete mails you receive, also includes support for multiple Gmail accounts.

You can also search through your emails with your voice and adjust each and every one of the sections of the application to enhance the experience and facilitate your day. The application is free in the Google Play Store.

Google Play | Mail for Android Wear (Free)

Wear Audio Recorder

Wear Audio Recorder

Finally, we bring you a very simple and intuitive application that allows you to make audio recordings through the microphone built into your device. Although in principle the application is designed to be used from your smartphone, synchronization with Android Wear will offer features such as the ability to manage recordings from the watch itself or continue recording while the device is with the screen off.

Among other features of the application include the ability to add tags to each recording and sync quickly with our phone. An app very useful and which is also free in the Google Play Store.

Google Play | Wear Audio Recorder (Free)

These are some of the applications that we believe may be useful for users with a wearable with Google’s operating system, but now we would like to know your opinion, What are for you the most useful applications for Android Wear?

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