Try games before buying them on Google Play

The range of games for Android is virtually unlimited. If we go to Google Play Store there are games of all kinds: racing, action, adventure, platforms … But often do not know if the game will convince us or not, and we doubt if I download it or buy it and hope if there was any chance to try games before downloading them.

This will change over time as Google allow you to try games before you purchase and download. It is certainly good news because we will save the time of discharge or the few euros it costs the application. We will show how this new feature works.

Try Games Before Downloading


The idea is simple but very useful. Google Play allow you to try the games that interest you for 10 minutes. This is usually the time users spend to make the decision whether they want to play or not. The only requirement is that to test the game must have your Wi-Fi connection.

Within a few weeks see paragraph try now within games in Google Play, so you can click and play for a short period of time without having to download everything online. This will allow users to know the titles that really interest them, and surely increase the number of sales of the games as many of them are not bought because users can not try games before.

Google Play, focusing on the game

Try Games Now

It is well known to users the importance given by Google to the games section. A part of the news that we’ve discussed will come some more options to Play Store. Specifically, we are talking about a new section called Independent Games, where you will find some of the best titles selected by Google.

To put the icing, they are also working on a new API for developers to integrate recording within games, at Twitch. The streaming of gameplays is something every gamer loves, so its arrival at theGoogle Play Store will mean a revolution in the sector.


Play Games

We are very pleased with this try games function of Google. We like to see how they care about the user experience is getting better. Obviously, this also benefits those who sell us games, but we will not have any problem with this new inclusion.

And you, what do you think to try games before downloading?

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