Youtube Accelerator that load videos faster

One of the big problems when loading a Youtube video on our smartphone (especially if you are using data) is the time it takes to load it. Many times we suffer stoppages because of the slow connection or poor coverage we have at that moment.

That’s something the guys in Mountain View are trying to arrange for some time, seeking to find something¬†to work on Youtube applying a much more fluidly. In fact, they seem to have already given with functionality that we could avoid these evils head.

YouTube Accelerator some videos will load faster, but not all

With this new feature intended to reduce buffering to allow a much faster operation in a lot of videos, although they have already warned that it will not be available for all contents. In fact, will be the 100,000 most popular videos on Youtube who are lucky enough to be in the list of affected.

In reality, the operation of Accelerator is very simple, something that points from Engadget. What they will do with these videos will download at different points around the world with access to WiFi so that when someone connects to them and has prepared the video in the same place for a much faster loading, being almost immediately available.

Google Instant

The bad thing about this invention is that apparently this is currently only being tested in the Philippines, so it will fit to wait to enjoy it on our land. It is supposed to only have to wait a few months if everything works properly, it expands worldwide. They have also promised that the catalog of videos will be greater with the passage of time.

In short, the main intent of this feature is to give us an overcoat solution when we are in an airport, on the train, in a mall or in the bus station, where there are often such access points. Do you think that really it pays off?

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