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WhatsApp privacy improves to deny FBI

Security on smartphones has been discussed since day one, it is that with the advent of instant messaging and the boom of social networks, our information needs now more than ever be encrypted.

Indeed, all our information we share in messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram is encrypted and protected in principle to any curious, or, at least, assure us these services.

WhatsApp Privacy: Encrypting further our messages

It is precisely WhatsApp messaging service that has caused more of a stir with security and encryption in our application, due to the emergence of more than a rumor indicating poor privacy of our chats in our application.

On the contrary, Telegram, taking advantage of these bad rumors about WhatsApp, has achieved a reputation for service more robust messaging and ensured among other things by their chats secrets and do not belong to Facebook, another major accused of failing to protect our information.

Telegram vs Whatsapp

Anyway, today we received the news that WhatsApp could be improving encryption on their calls and their groups. These calls, which came to WhatsApp last year,  it is assumed that they are already currently encrypted to ensure our privacy when talking to our friends, but as we read in AndroidCommunity, WhatsApp will be considering a remodel and our information is now “super -encrypted “.

These measures “new” security would come in consequence of recent mishaps WhatsApp, Facebook and even Apple with the FBI, because of the denial of sharing your information with the secret service supposedly to assist in the investigation of serious crimes.

On the other hand, it has also been rumored that other companies like Google would improve its encryption, for example by carrying encrypting your mail service (Gmail) to other of its products, including its Android operating system.

Anyway, there is never clear water when it comes to security and encryption of information, and less if the FBI is in the midst. In the beginning but our information should not run any danger, even if they are calling or messaging group.

Do you think WhatsApp is safe?

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