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Adobe believes that the phablet is killing the tablet

Adobe says that the tablets are about to become a thing of the past, losing the crown to the phablet as the preferred portable web browsing device.

A few years ago when the first models emerged, that rare cross between a smartphone and a tablet, seriously doubted the future of its commercial success, after all tablets were better gadgets to surf the web. Today we see that marketers were right.

According to a report published by Adobe’s, phablet would have already become the most popular alternative to surf the Internet. The study reports that in 14 of the 17 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa use to surf grew phablets 30% in 2015, past use of tablets.

Tamara Gaffney, Adobe spokeswoman says to Android Central the relevance of this situation:

There was a time when browsing through tablets surpassed that of smartphones, and was expected to continue with that path.

The reality is that since the rates of use have declined steadily.

We believe this is due to the screens of smart phones are already larger. People now opt for a phablet instead of buying two devices.

It seems that the reign of the phablets will be prolonged. But the question about what the toy that makes you relief arises.

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